Identify, track and map skills

To be successful you need the right people with the right skills. But how do you know who has which skills and where the opportunities and challenges lie? We structure the skills framework of your organization and ensure that it is continuously up to date.


Simplify the skills mapping process with our skills ontology

By using our platform, fueled with the most recent labor market data, mapping skills within your organization becomes a lot easier. We link the most important skills to each role and employee.

Single source of truth

Bring skills data together into one source for consistency and uniformity.

Always accurate data

Always the most recent labor market data so that you know what is needed now and in the future.

No more manual work

Avoid mistakes and wasted time by stopping using spreadsheets.

Stay competitive by having the right skills

A shortage of talent and skills is one of the biggest risks for companies. The solution to this starts with a good understanding of what is needed now and in the future and what is available. The right skill, in the right place, at the right time ensures that your organization continues to distinguish itself.

of companies experiencing skill gaps now or expect them within a few years.
of workers' core skills are expected to change in the next five years.
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Increase retention

One of the main reasons why employees leave a company is a lack of career development. Offer employees development and growth opportunities that match their skills and ambitions and retain talent for your organization.

Future-proof workforce

The lifespan of a skill is becoming shorter and rapid technological changes means that more and more new skills are required. Upskilling and reskilling is therefore one of the most important pillars, now and in the future, of a successful organization.


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