This is Adepti

We believe that every employee has talent. We see it as our mission to make this talent as clear as possible and to put the employee in a position where they can achieve everything they want.

Our vision

To get the best out of employees, you need to identify the skills they possess and continuously offer them opportunities to grow and develop based on skills and ambitions. We are moving from fixed jobs and hierarchical organizations to a model in which talent moves much more freely through organizations by working in different teams and contributing to projects that match their skill set.


Reinventing talent management

October 2021: It all starts with an idea

Stretched out in a hammock on a beach in Colombia, Alex and Joost came up with the idea for Adpeti

December 2022: from 2 to 3 Co-Founders

After a year of collecting feedback on the idea, Emile joins as Co-Founder and becomes responsible for the technology

September 2023: Yes we are live!

After 9 months of development, the first version of the platform is live and we have developed a skills ontology with more than 5,000 jobs and 15,000 skills. First customers onboarded to the platform

November 2023: Investment raised

Investment raised for further development and rollout of Adepti


Meet our team

Joost Smit

Strategic thinking


Effective communicator


Drinking a beer with colleagues

Alex Hollander

Growth consultancy

Data-driven decision making

Strategic thinking


Extreme sports

Emile Cornelissen

Advanced analytics


Knowledge graphs


Piano playing

Join us!

Do you want to work at a great and fast-growing company and do you have the skills we are looking for?


Driving growth and innovation in the industry

Adepti has achieved remarkable growth, becoming a leader in the talent marketplace industry. With our AI-powered platform, we have revolutionized how companies understand and optimize their workforce.

Increase in Employee Productivity and Satisfaction
Reduction in Talent Acquisition and Training Costs
Trusted by top companies around the globe

Recognitions and awards

Adepti has been honored with several prestigious awards and recognitions.


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