From skillset to mindset: The foundation of future-proof workforces

Changing from a model that revolves around well-defined jobs and resumes to a model that revolves around skills is not an overnight change. We help your organization with the rollout and implementation of skill-based working.

From plan to execution

At Adept we know that software is just a tool. Ultimately it's about people. We help you to map out where your organization currently stands and what steps need to be taken to become a more skills-based organization. Culture and way of working do not change from one day to the next, that's why we guide you every step of the way

1. Plan

We map out where your organization currently stands and what steps need to be taken.

2. Execute

We support the entire implementation process with practical materials such as presentations and communication plans.


Adepti's approach

To know where you're going, you have to know where you come from. With our CMM model we map out where you currently stand as an organization and what the goal is. With a joint implementation plan we specify which steps we will take and when. Our toolbox provides extensive support during the rollout.


We map out where your organization currently stands and what the ultimate goal is.

Implementation plan

A tailor-made implementation plan developed with the people involved.


What is a plan without execution? We ensure that the movement towards a skills-based organization is initiated.


Extensive materials such as management and employee presentations, communication plans and training materials.


Prepare for the future

The shelf life of technical skills is becoming increasingly shorter. The speed of digital innovations means that a skills shortage is becoming an increasing risk for both employees and organizations. The expectation is that three in four individuals do not have the digital skills needed by businesses to succeed in areas such as software development, security, data visualization, programming and more.

of the skills needed three years ago will be irrelevant in the near future
of organizations will feel the impact of the skills shortage

Skills Intelligence

Looking for one singular truth and insight into present, required, and future skills within your organization? Our Skill Intelligence platform empowers your organization to unearth hidden talents, make well-informed decisions about upskilling and reskilling, and to prepare for the future.

Talent Marketplace

Ready to start working skill-based? Take advantage of our AI-powered Internal Talent Marketplace to empower employees to shape their internal careers, accelerate performance, unlock development and growth opportunities, save costs and increase employee retention.


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