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Ready to start working skill-based? Take advantage of our AI-powered Internal Talent Marketplace to empower employees to shape their internal careers, accelerate performance, create larger talent pools and save costs.


AI-powered skill matching

Map the skills your organization needs and the skills your organization possesses with the help of our skills ontology. Create a continuously up-to-date and clear insight to match personalized development and growth opportunities

1. Skill mapping

Start by identify which skills your organization needs and discover which skills your employees possess.

2. Skill matching

Based on skill profiles, we match with the most suitable development and growth opportunities.


Help employees grow their skills and careers

With Adepti's Internal Talent Marketplace, we offer employees development and growth opportunities based on their skills and ambitions.

Improve internal mobility and make optimal use of the talent available in your organization.

Career paths

Empower employees to shape their careers, discover possibilities, and take action.

Job matching

Offers growth opportunities. Match employees to internal jobs based on their skills and ambitions.

Project matching

Find the best employees internally for projects and short-term assignments.

Learning matching

Get personalized advice about the most suitable training and education.


Increase employee engagement and retention

Help your employees develop their skills and take advantage of internal opportunities across the organization to further grow and develop. Improve employee engagement, satisfaction and retention and thereby reduce costs.

of workers say skill-based practices would improve the experience at work
of employees who left their jobs could have been retained with more career development opportunities.

Skill-Based Tranformation

Changing from a model that revolves around well-defined jobs and resumes to a model that revolves around skills is not an overnight change. We help your organization with the rollout and implementation of skill-based working.               

Skills Intelligence

Looking for one singular truth and insight into present, required, and future skills within your organization? Our Skill Intelligence platform empowers your organization to unearth hidden talents, make well-informed decisions about upskilling and reskilling, and to prepare for the future.


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