Maximize potential, minimize skill gaps

Looking for one singular truth and insight into present, required, and future skills within your organization? Our Skill Intelligence platform empowers your organization to unearth hidden talents, make well-informed decisions about upskilling and reskilling, and to prepare for the future.


Craft your skills framework

Develop a skills framework for your organization using Adepti's skill ontology. Our skills ontology contains more than 5,000 unique jobs and 15,000 unique skills and is continuously updated with the latest labor market data. Discover which skills are relevant to your organization and use a single source of truth.

1. Use Adepti's skill ontology

Start with the latest and most up-to-date skills insights derived from our labor market data.

2. Personalize for your organization

Every organization is unique. Choose skills that are relevant to your organization and add them to your framework.


Identify skills and gain extensive insights

Good skills mapping provides a valuable basis for HR actions. Map out which skills are needed, which skills are available and what the future skills are for your organization.

Discover which talent is available and make informed choices about talent development.

Skills ontology

Develop a reliable and accurate skills framework using Adepti's skills ontology.

Skills mapping

Identify which skills your organization needs and which are available.

Skills validation

Validate the skills of your employees as a tool for development conversations.

Skills analyses

Discover hidden talents, identify skill gaps and pinpoint their locations within your organization.


Build your skills not your resumé

'Skill-based' is not just a buzzword. The model of well-defined jobs and organizational hierarchy gets in the way of the major challenges that organizations face. This concerns issues such as: flexibility, growth, innovation, diversity, inclusivity and equality and the tight labor market.A response to this is that more and more companies are moving towards a model that revolves around skills instead of jobs.

of companies experiencing skillgaps now or expect them within a few years
of workers say skills-based practices would improve their experience at work

Skill-Based Transformation

Changing from a model that revolves around well-defined jobs and resumes to a model that revolves around skills is not an overnight change. We help your organization with the rollout and implementation of skill-based working.                  

Talent Marketplace

Ready to start working skill-based? Take advantage of our AI-powered Internal Talent Marketplace to empower employees to shape their internal careers, accelerate performance, unlock development and growth opportunities, save costs and increase employee retention.


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