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Improve productivity and employee retention with internal talent matching

1: What is internal talent matching?

Imagine a world where your organization effortlessly connects its most valuable asset – its employees – with the opportunities that can help them thrive. That's the essence of internal talent matching, a dynamic strategy that's changing the way companies empower their workforce.

Internal talent matching is more than just finding a job for someone; it's about aligning skills, aspirations, and organizational needs. Think of it as matchmaking for your talent pool, where technology and data analytics play the role of Cupid, forging meaningful connections that benefit both employees and the company.

2: Embracing talent mobility

Internal talent mobility benefits both organizations and their employees. This innovative approach involves strategically moving employees within an organization to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the business world.

Imagine talent mobility as a dance, where each step is carefully choreographed to maximize your team's potential and gracefully navigate the challenges of a dynamic marketplace. In today's fiercely competitive job market, talent mobility isn't just an organizational need; it's a powerful tool for individual career growth and job satisfaction. It's about ensuring that the right people are in the right roles at the right times, aligning their career aspirations with the organization's goals.

Traditional HR practices often focus on external talent recruitment, occasionally overlooking the immense potential within their existing workforce. Talent mobility, powered by the magic of internal talent matching, enables organizations to tap into their employees' skills, passions, and ambitions. It's a win-win, creating a culture of growth, fulfillment, and adaptability for both the organization and its employees.

3. How does internal talent matching work?

Now that we've explored the essence of internal talent matching, it's time to dive into the mechanics of how it all comes together. Let's take a closer look at how Adepti orchestrates this transformative process.

We start by conducting a comprehensive skills and aspirations mapping for your employees. This means we meticulously chart out the skills each employee possesses and what they aspire to achieve within the organization. It's a crucial foundation that helps us understand the unique talents and career goals of each team member.

When your organization has an internal vacancy or a project that needs staffing, Adepti steps in to streamline the process. Whether you're looking for a perfect fit for a job opening or specific roles within a project, we've got you covered. We assist you in defining the exact skill set required for the position or project, leaving no room for ambiguity.

This is where the magic happens: our matching algorithm, coupled with our sophisticated artificial intelligence layer, kicks into action. These powerful tools work in harmony to sift through the extensive pool of employee skills and ambitions, making sure that the right individuals are seamlessly matched to the available jobs or project roles.

4. The benefits for your organization

In this chapter, we'll explore four significant advantages of internal talent matching. Curious to learn how internal talent matching can make a meaningful impact on your organization? Let's break it down.

1. Enhanced productivity:

Unlock the full potential of your workforce. By aligning skills with roles, internal talent matching elevates productivity. Your employees thrive when engaged in positions that match their abilities, resulting in higher efficiency and top-notch output.

2. Improved employee retention:

Keep your top talent. Internal talent matching reduces attrition risk. A recent McKinsey report shows that 41% of employees who quit cite a lack of career development as the reason. By connecting employees with roles that align with their ambitions, you create an environment where they see a clear path for growth and are more likely to stay.

3. Fostered employee engagement:

Fuel your organization with engagement. According to Deloitte, 73% of workers believe skills-based practices would improve their work experience. Internal talent matching provides a sense of purpose as employees see how their skills contribute to success, driving commitment and enthusiasm.

4. Cost savings:

Watch your bottom line improve. Gallup estimates that the cost of replacing an employee can be 1.5 to 2 times their annual salary. Internal talent matching offers a cost-effective alternative to external recruitment, saving you money, time, and effort, while ensuring continued growth for your employees.

5. Case study: Realizing success through internal talent matching

Let's turn to Spotify's internal talent marketplace, Echo, for a real-world example of the power of internal talent matching. Spotify's approach involves breaking traditional jobs into temporary projects posted on Echo, creating more opportunities for their internal talents. By completing these projects in-house, Spotify fosters a culture of growth and offers flexibility, benefiting both the organization and its employees. This case study showcases how internal talent matching can revolutionize career growth in a flexible and equitable way.

6. Implementing internal talent matching in your organization

For organizations looking to shift towards a skills-based approach and seamlessly match their internal talent with opportunities, Adepti serves as the facilitating platform. It's the solution that bridges the gap between talent and roles, offering a dynamic and intuitive way to harness your workforce's full potential.

With Adepti, there's no need for complex roadmaps or intricate steps. It's all about embracing a culture of skill-centric growth. Adepti provides the tools and technology to effortlessly map your employees' skills and aspirations, define internal opportunities, and seamlessly match the two. It's about fostering engagement, optimizing productivity, and ensuring that your organization's workforce operates at its very best. If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey, Adepti is your trusted partner, paving the way for a more skills-based, engaged, and efficient workforce. To see how Adepti can unlock these possibilities for your organization, book a demo with us today and take the first step toward a brighter, more talent-aligned future.

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